Keith Connolly tries to settle the issue with GoDaddy and receive an apology for being unfairly eliminated through a recruiting process that judged him on his looks and faith.

Under which recruiting factors does GoDaddy choose their employees?

Connolly was recruited for a job with the Internet domain registrar in April 2014.

After two telephone interviews and two Skype interviews, he was summoned to GoDaddy’s headquarters in Scottsdale.

By all indications, Connolly said, the interviews went well. But a month later he received a rejection email from GoDaddy’s talent acquisition team.

“We have reviewed your qualifications against the job requirements for our Mobile IOS Developer position and decided there is not a strong enough match to move forward at this time,” the email read in part.

But Connolly says there was an attachment to the email – and that it revealed the true reason he wasn’t hired.

He says the attachment read: “about keith he’s great for the job in skills but he looks worse for wear do we really want an obeese (sic)christian? is that what our new image requires of us?”


With GoDaddy denying the allegations and threatening Keith Connolly with a lawsuit, the story has hit the News and the Social Media and naturally a lot of “fat Christians”, are eager to know if this is actually a true part of GoDaddy’s recruitment process or the result of an individual employee that clearly needs training in HR practices and employment law.

Whichever the case may be, GoDaddy not only has not apologised to Keith Connolly but threatens him with a lawsuit whilst they say that the email attachment is fabricated and/or a result of hacking the email account.

The truth of the matter is that bullying and discrimination at workplace are a real problem that can easily be disguised so that no evidence will ever be enough for you to fight for your rights; HR management is there to protect the boss, not the employee.

Discrimination affects the lives of many people every single day and without hard evidence is nothing much that you can do.

The effects of bullying and discrimination on ones health can also be very detrimental. From my own personal experience, I do not think that I will ever be immune to bullying and discrimination; it is not something that I can be prepared for either.

Despite the Government legislations people do get bullied and discriminated and it can happen anywhere no matter the front image of the company or organisation.

Has this happened to me?

Yes; not at Godaddy and with the difference that I sustained the bullying and sex discrimination for over 3 months before I was made to leave my job because “I didn’t gel with the team”. (By “team” they meant the one person who didn’t want me there; my senior. By “gel” they meant that I wasn’t taking part in the gossip.)

Even though my senior hated my quick progress with a vengence she hated my Manager even more. By taking me out of the way she was jeopardising my Manager’s efforts to build a productive team, making her look in the process inefficient in her management skills.

With only months after my father’s loss, losing my job (whilst my Manager was away and unable to protect me), was the second most painful experience in my life.

Not only I had lost a momentum in my career, I was left with reactive depression and anxiety that prevents me at times to face my front door. There is a long way before I fully recover.

On the bright side, I have created this site to help me focus on something positive like helping other people with their employment needs.

What is your opinion on this issue?

Curated by Kyriakos Chrysidis using sources from Fox News

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  1. Dear Keith, these disclaimers re: we do not discriminate on basis of age, religion, race, etc, are all BS. Please check out my post on Why Employers Need to Reconsider Hiring Seniors. Same thing. I have 40 years experience in marketing, PR and advertising and gave up my job hunt five years ago. Recently I took the plunge again just for the helluvit and had an interview for a county job. Every worker there was overweight. I’m 5’9′ and go 136, and it was inadvertently revealed to me by an insider that I didn’t fir the mold because I was too thin. Go figah. CODE for ” too old.”

    • Thanks for sharing your views with us Claire. Keep on the positive side and take inspiration from others who successfully employ their skills everyday no matter their age. Think of Queen Elizabeth II; a remarkable individual with a loving heart and a sharp mind.

  2. GoDaddy is full excuses. Poor Keith Connolly and God knows how many others too..

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