26 online work from home jobs you can do as a freelancer


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Work from home Jobs

Jobs highlighted bellow are easy to do and best suited to people with less technical knowledge.

  1. Writing
  2. Article writing
  3. Virtual Assistant
  4. Web Marketing jobs
  5. SEM jobs
  6. Graphic Design
  7. Logo Design
  8. Data Entry
  9. Advertising
  10. Content Writing
  11. PHP
  12. Joomla!
  13. Proofreading
  14. Transcription
  15. Mobile Development
  16. Translation
  17. Social Media
  18. .Net
  19. Photography
  20. Photoshop
  21. Sales & Marketing
  22. SEO
  23. Java
  24. Web Design
  25. Video
  26. App Development


  1. I am interested in social media jobs, but I have no credit card nor paypal account, how do I pay?

    • Hello Harrison and thanks for stoping by.

      Here we provide free resources to work from home so you don’t need to pay anything. Just bid on the jobs you would like to do.

  2. Hi,I’m from Italy and I was wandering if the job opportunities are only for UK citizens?I worked in UK for 10 years prior my moving to Italy,so my english is quite good::))).
    If possible,I’m interested in data entry,translation and I’m opened to any suggestion.


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