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Matt Dalio, the CEO of Endless, got the idea to create a $169 desktop computer while traveling in India. He noticed that even though most homes in India did not have a desktop computer, they did have a high definition television.

“It was one of those micro-epiphanies, I was in India and I looked over at a television and then I looked at my hand and there was a phone in it and I thought why not connect the two?

The only difference between a smartphone and a computer is the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse and the operating system.”

According to Matt Dalio, the reason perhaps that a desktop pc is not as common as a HD TV in developing countries, it may be due to the uncertainty of an internet connection, poor power supply and lack of offline software applications to better match the needs of those in developing nations.

Dalio went on to explain that even though people in developing countries are poor, they still have assets they care about and live from. For this reason, Endless the new desktop computer, includes offline software on farming to help educate people in developing cultures to better protect their assets.

Even though Endless may not seem the cheapest desktop solution in the market, Dalio believes that it is by far the best money can buy for what it includes.

Endless looks incredibly slick in white and comes with a reinvented Linux-based operating system equipped with a new and easy to use interface as well as pre-installed offline software applications such as a full encyclopaedia, cooking recipes, educational lectures and health information.

Endless the new desktop computer is available in two versions; one with a 32G hard drive and another with a 500GB hard drive. Both versions run on a 2GB of RAM and can cope well with uncertain power supply, a problem often found in remote locations.

Will Endless be as good in performance as it is in looks? I am looking forward to keep up with news on Endless and wish Matt Dalio and his team all the best.

Curated by Kyriakos Chrysidis using sources from cnn.com

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